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Safe Routes To Schools - Parents' FAQs

Why is it important to encourage sustainable travel to school?

The NHS recommend one hour of physical activity for children per day, and walking, cycling or scooting to school helps children meet this level and reduces the risk of obesity and related diseases. Teachers report that children who build some exercise into their morning journey arrive at school alert and ready to start the day.

Walking, cycling and scooting allows children to develop vital road safety skills, making them less vulnerable when travelling independently to secondary school. It also allows them to learn more about their local area and spend quality time with friends and family.

Increased sustainable travel also results in less traffic around schools, and all the associated problems, such as inconsiderate parking and reduced visibility when crossing the road.

The Golden Boot Challenge is the perfect opportunity to encourage pupils, parents and staff to choose a healthier, sustainable and more enjoyable means of travel on the school journey.

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I live too far, what can I do?

You don't have to walk the entire journey to school. One option is to drive in for part of the journey and walk the last 10 minutes together; we call this park 'n' stride.

Alternatively, you could arrange for you and a friend/other parent to car share and take it in turns to drive part way to each school and walk the remainder of the journey with the children.

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My children attend different schools and I can't be in two places at once.

Joining forces with other parents may be an ideal solution. This means finding a friend or neighbour with children attending the same schools and arranging for you both to share the responsibility and walk to different schools on different days.

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I don't have the time.

Getting children to school and yourself to work can be a real headache, resulting in parents believing that they just don't have the time to walk with their children to school.

People often report that they overestimate the time it takes to walk and underestimate the time it takes to drive, especially when you consider how long it can take in traffic, not to mention trying to find a parking space.

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