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What is the Golden Boot Challenge?

Each Summer, around 250 schools take part in the Golden Boot Challenge. It promotes healthy and sustainable travel and is run in a way that makes it possible for everyone to take part.

A class gets a point for each pupil who walked, scooted, cycled, or travelled by public transport to school. We don't forget pupils who have no alternative to the car and each pupil who used car share or park 'n' stride also scores a point.

Classes compete against each other to win the coveted Golden Boot Trophy.

The Challenge is web-based, and if your child's school has interactive whiteboards, then they will see immediately how their school is doing in a fun, interactive way. Schools without interactive whiteboards can copy their results into the website at a later time.

Which are the Challenge days?

This year, the Challenge will run between 7th June - 2nd July 2021; your child's school may decide to take part every day throughout June, or may choose to run it on specific days.

Your school will advise you of the Challenge days.

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