Safe Routes To Schools - Teachers' FAQs

Why is it important to encourage sustainable travel to school?

The NHS recommend one hour of physical activity for children per day, and walking, cycling or scooting to school helps children meet this level and reduces the risk of obesity and related diseases. Teachers report that children who build some exercise into their morning journey arrive at school alert and ready to start the day.

Walking, cycling and scooting allows children to develop vital road safety skills, making them less vulnerable when travelling independently to secondary school. It also allows them to learn more about their local area and spend quality time with friends and family.

Increased sustainable travel also results in less traffic around schools, and all the associated problems, such as inconsiderate parking and reduced visibility when crossing the road.

The Golden Boot Challenge is the perfect opportunity to encourage pupils, parents and staff to choose a healthier, sustainable and more enjoyable means of travel on the school journey.

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Do we have to take part every day throughout June?

This year, the Challenge will run between Monday 7th June - Friday 2nd July; you can choose to take part every day, or you can choose to run it on specific days.

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What is the purpose of the Baseline Day?

Baseline Day is on Friday 24th May. The idea of Baseline Day is to record the usual way that children travel to school; these figures will then be compared with how children travel during the Challenge.

We do ask schools to delay publicising the Challenge until after Baseline Day, so that the usual modes of travel are accurately recorded.

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How can we publicise the Challenge to parents?

You may wish to put some information in the school newsletter or on the school web-site - we have supplied the following wording, which you might like to use:

"School is taking part in the Golden Boot Challenge, the biggest school travel competition in the country! The annual Golden Boot Challenge is designed to encourage children, parents and schools to choose sustainable alternatives to the car on school journeys. The Challenge will run 7th June to 2nd July. The results are being recorded online. Go to then click on the Golden Boot icon to see how your child's school is doing. You can also try out the system yourself!"

There is a Parents' Section on the web-site, where parents can try out the Challenge for themselves and find practical information about public transport and cycling.

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Is there a quick way to enter the travel information - I don't always have time to do this with my class?

Yes! You can make a headcount of how many pupils have travelled by each mode of transport, record the totals in the on-line spreadsheet and the information will automatically display in each mode of transport icon.

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Can you send us any posters to publicise the GBC?

Posters are now available on-line for printing out. You will also find a blank poster which can be printed out for pupils to colour in. And of course, if you have a banner, that can be used to promote the Challenge and to tell the local community about what you are trying to achieve.

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Why can I no longer order charts for use in the classroom?

Some schools have found that the web-site has replaced the need for these charts. However, we know that there are teachers who use these charts as part of class project work, and some teachers use them to promote and publicise their school's efforts - infact, we have heard from one school who find this is a good way to motivate pupils and parents.

You can now download classroom charts from the Resources Section.

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Why don't we receive a certificate at the end of the Challenge, like we used to?

Some schools break up soon after the Challenge ends, and there isn't enough time for certificates to be sent to these schools. Also, some schools have told us that they would like to create individualised certificates for classes, rather than have one certificate for the whole school. We thought schools might prefer to print out their own certificates and customise them as they wish - you will find a certificate which you can download and print in the Resources Section of this website.

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Where can we find out more about green travel?

Information on Safer Cycling, including a bike and cycle helmet check, can be found by going to:

Information on how to get active: Back to top

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