Golden Boot Challenge Useful Tips

Involving Staff

This year, staff can record their efforts on-line by creating a class and calling it 'Staff'. Who knows, this year could see the Golden Boot trophy being awarded to staff! The Challenge might be an opportunity for staff to start a car sharing rota or to investigate potential park and walk sites.

Involving pupils with special educational needs

Schools tell us that they would like to involve all pupils in the Golden Boot Challenge, but feel that there is little point for those pupils who are unable to alter their mode of travel because of their particular needs. Teachers report that the Challenge can be used to promote green travel during the school day, rather than during the journey to school.

Some schools arrange for pupils to participate in a road safety training session (eg pedestrian training or a lesson focussed on using a bus), make use of specially adapted bikes or walk a specific distance (around the school field, for instance) so that all pupils experience an alternative to their usual travel mode and are able to contribute to the travel information recorded for their school.

How the Challenge supports other activities

In 2010, teachers found that the Challenge supported the following curricular and non-curricular activities:

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